Written by Jody Trammel

Keep financial information secure during your trip

secured financial informationIf you’re planning a vacation, chances are you’re eager to get away and relax for a few days. But before you go, take time to think about safety precautions so you don’t have to deal with unnecessary headaches and hassles upon your return. Learn how to protect yourself with our tips below.

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Before your trip

If you’re planning a trip longer than three days, it’s a good idea to cancel your mail delivery. Having an overflowing mailbox is a great way for thieves to know you’re out of town. Plus, if any confidential financial information, like credit card statements or bank records, is included in your mail, you run the risk of having it compromised.

If you’re traveling internationally and plan on using your credit cards abroad, be aware that some charge shockingly high foreign transaction fees. Before you leave home, check to see which of your credit cards would be the best to use.

During and after your travels

While you’re away, it’s easy to get so caught up in the hustle and bustle that you carelessly leave your wallet in plain sight in your hotel room or even on the beach or at a restaurant. Don’t give thieves a chance to take your credit cards or obtain your driver’s license information; be mindful to keep your wallet on you or have it hidden in a safe place. The same goes for your laptop or any other electronics that could contain sensitive information.

And when you return, carefully check your credit card statements to ensure there weren’t any fraudulent charges while you were away.

Stay safe while you travel. And for a worry-free ride to or from the airport, you can always count on Affinity!