Written by Jody Trammel

Must Have Items

Must have items for any trip

 packing for travelWhen it comes to packing for a trip, even with weeks to prepare, you’ll often forget something you wanted to bring along. But with our suggestions below, you’re sure to have all of the essentials covered.

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Pack for the weather

Before you leave home, check the weather for your destination so you can pack accordingly. Don’t be caught off guard by a random heat wave or cold front. Know exactly what the weather will be like so you won’t show up with t-shirts during a snowstorm. It also never hurts to bring a small umbrella for any sudden showers.

And no matter where you’re headed, pack a sweater. In cool-weather climates, you may need it for an extra layer of warmth. And for warmer destinations, you’re sure to need a jacket when you’re inside at restaurants, theaters, or museums, which are often extremely well air-conditioned.

Traveling staples

No matter your travel plans, you’ll need a phone charger to stay connected to friends back home and traveling companies while you’re apart. And today, with travelers relying heavily on smart phones for their travel itineraries, confirmations, directions, and maps, having a functional phone is more important than ever.  So whatever you do, double check to make sure you pack your charger.

It’s also likely that you’ll need cash. Whether you need a tip for the bellhop or housekeeper, or cash for a quick meal on the go, remember to bring along bills in small dominations so you’ll be prepared no matter what.

With these tips, you’ll be ready for almost anything that can happen while you’re traveling. Have a wonderful trip, and for your ground transportation needs, just remember Affinity!