Written by Jody Trammel


Travilah is a small suburban toTravilah Oak Marketwn In Maryland. It is close to North Potomac, Potomac, Darnestown, and Great Falls. CNN Money named Travilah as one of the “25 Top Earning Towns” in the United States recently. If you plan to visit Travilah, call Affinity Airport Sedan for a ride. Sit back and enjoy the sights. Our dependable transport service will guarantee you a very comfortable trip.

Interesting Facts about Travilah

Travilah may not be a popular tourist attraction but it has an interesting history. This locality used to be a rural community. Between the late 19th century and early 1900s, the town hall, elementary school, post office, stores, churches, and blacksmith shop were all located at the junction of Travilah and Glen Roads. However, massive housing development took place and all these structures were demolished except for the town hall.

Travilah Road meanders through the community from River Road down to the elementary school.  River Road is parallel to Chesapeake & Ohio Canal which used to be a bustling trade center.  The Query Wheat and Paper mill was powered then by the waters of Muddy Branch Creek and Potomac River.

The original Travilah School was built in November of 1886. It was a one-room schoolhouse on a 700 square-foot lot. Another classroom and reception area was constructed after 10 years.  When it was shut down in 1943, students were dispersed to other schools until the present Travilah Elementary School opened at the crossroads of Dufief Mill and Travilah Roads in December of 1960. The land on which this school was erected was part of the original Hanson Farm.  The school went through a major renovation and added two more classrooms before it opened again in August 31, 1992. 16 years after, six more classrooms, a patio, conference room, music and art facilities as well as offices were constructed.

Travilah Today

The town celebrates “Travilah Oak Day” annually in October. Travilah Oak is one of the most magnificent trees in the State of Virginia. Incidentally, Travilah Oak Market is a local grocery outlet along Travilah Road which sells food items, fresh veggies and fruits along with red and white wines, cheeses and cooked food. Private wine sampling may be requested. The store provides outdoor seats and free parking. Nearby is the Big Pines Park of Montgomery County where you can find a children’s playground, covered picnic grounds, tennis courts, soccer field, and, basketball court. Travilah is an easy drive from the three major airports of DC so for your transportation requirements, call Affinity.