Written by Jody Trammel


BrookevilleThe town of Brookeville lies 20 miles north of D.C. in Montgomery County. Quakers settled in Brookeville during the 18th century. It was basically an agricultural town with a toll road connecting it to different markets in Washington, particularly the Seventh Street Pike. This freeway was eventually sold to Maryland State in 1914. Brookeville has flourished quickly into a housing community.

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About Brookeville

Richard Thomas Brooke and his wife Deborah, members of the Religious Society of Friends, founded this town in 1794. The land was inherited by Deborah from her father, Roger Brooke IV, who was the scion of a prominent Quaker landowner. The couple built a mill next to Reddy Branch. Another settler, Caleb Bentley opened the first store and post office of Brookeville in 1802.

The town’s charter was granted in 1808 but was only issued after 82 years. The Brookeville of olden days had several grain mills, a blacksmith shop, the Brookeville Academy, Salem Methodist Protestant Church, and Saint Luke’s Episcopal Church. According to history, the Brookeville Academy was a distinct educational institution in the town. In 1883, Sherwood High School was established as a Friends school and later became a public school in 1909 for children living in Brookeville and surrounding towns.

Former President James Madison took shelter in Brookeville during the War of 1812 when the British forces razed the White House to the ground. Another famous resident was Thomas Moore, Jr. who, together with Caleb Bentley, helped set up the US Department of Agriculture. Moore is acknowledged as the inventor of the first refrigerator and a portable apparatus to transport butter and other products to markets in Washington, D.C.

Brookeville Today

The town continues to prosper, although evolving and modernized transport systems have affected Brookeville’s commercial enterprises. The architectural structures of the 18th and 19th centuries are still evident in some of the houses and major thoroughfares. It has turned into a rich residential district with many local residents employed in local government offices or private companies. The town is governed by a town commission composed of three officials, while the adjacent unincorporated areas are managed by Montgomery County.

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