Written by Jody Trammel


kensington-MD-20895Kensington is one of the towns of Montgomery County in Maryland. Locals frequently call it the Mormon temple. The town’s post office also serves a bigger area extending further to North Bethesda and Wheaton District.

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Town History

Kensington lies close to the zone surrounding Rock Creek Basin. It was an agricultural town until 1873, when the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad finished its Metropolitan Branch passing through Montgomery County. A community emerged where the new railroad track crossed the old Rockville-to-Bladensburg route. This early settlement became Knowles Station. In 1890, a real estate developer from Washington D.C. by the name of Brainard Warner acquired lots for the construction of a Victorian community. The church, library and local publication were included in the plan.

Warner called the community Kensington Park, but it was renamed Kensington after incorporation in 1894. It turned into a summer retreat for those living in the D.C. area and developed into a traveler’s suburb later on. The huge sector farthest south remains relatively unchanged since establishment and has become a historically preserved zone. The only main changes in the town’s fundamental layout have been the viaduct over the original railroad crossing in 1937 and the expansion of Connecticut Avenue, the town’s principal access road, in 1957.

In March of 1975, Kensington became popular throughout the country with the mysterious disappearance of sisters Sheila (12) and Katherine (10) Lyon. The sisters walked into Wheaton Plaza, a local shopping mall where they were last seen by witnesses, including their brother. They never returned home, and the case remains unsolved today.

Sector Plan

Two years ago, the Montgomery County Council approved the Kensington Sector Plan, creating a long-term program for the community that included a new town center. This new framework will maintain current concentrations, employing mixed-use zones that allow for residential and commercial development or use. The construction of a village hub and open space for public gatherings has also been earmarked in this plan.

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