Written by Jody Trammel

Getting A Passport

Securing a U.S. Passport

PassportIf you’re planning a trip outside of the United States, one thing you can’t travel without is a passport to certify your identity and nationality abroad. While the process of securing a passport can be time-consuming — involving gathering documents, completing an application form, and awaiting processing — it is a straightforward process if you know what you need. Take a look at our tips below to make sure you have everything in order for your passport application.

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Necessary documents

Form DS-11 is the official passport application form that must be submitted to receive your passport. This form can be obtained at most post offices, city and state government offices, or online through the State Department’s Bureau of Consular Affairs.

In addition, you’ll need proof of citizenship, like a birth certificate, naturalization certificate, certificate of citizenship, previously issued U.S. passport, or a Consular Report of Birth Abroad.

Plus, proper identification, like a valid driver’s license, current government or military identification card, naturalization certificate, or a previously issued U.S. passport, is also required. You’ll also need to photocopy the front and back of your chosen form of identification for your application.

And lastly, you need a passport photo. Your photo should be two by two inches in size and printed in full color before a white background, and you’ll need two copies.

Application process

First-time passport applicants are required to apply in person at post offices or government offices. Fees for non-expedited passports generally range from $75 to $100. And you can expect to receive your passport in the mail within 4 weeks of your application.

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