Written by Jody Trammel

Traveling Solo

Traveling AloneTips for Traveling Alone

Traveling alone has its advantages. You don’t have to feel guilty about sleeping on the plane. You’re more likely to meet new people. And, you can spend your hotel time in your underwear. But it’s also essential to stay safe during your solo travels. Check out our tips below before your next excursion alone.

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Keep in touch

Traveling alone doesn’t mean being disconnected. Whether you chat with your hotel concierge, call family back home, or make posts to update friends on Facebook, always let someone know where you are and what you’re up to everyday.

And don’t leave without a phone. Before your trip, make sure you’ll have cell reception or roaming capabilities. And if not, plan to buy an inexpensive temporary phone when you arrive. Plus, traveling with a smartphone means you’ll probably have GPS capabilities, which are always useful in an unfamiliar place.

Remain conscientious

Protect your essential possessions. If traveling abroad, leave your passport locked in your hotel safe so it won’t get lost or damaged, and just carry a photocopy of the data page on your person. Also, make sure to divide your money while you’re out. Keep some cash and at least one credit card in a purse or wallet, and store the rest in your pants or jacket pocket.

Do your research, and remain aware of your surroundings. Know about local customs and etiquette before you arrive. Also, choose a hotel in a safe area, and ask locals about any neighborhoods you should avoid. And remember not to get so distracted by your new environment that you let your guard down.

Have a sensational time during your solo travels. And for a safe, convenient, hassle-free way to or from the airport, don’t hesitate to call Affinity!