Written by Jody Trammel


Kingsley SchoolhouseKingsley is a small town in Montgomery County, Maryland. One of the reasons why this community has become popular is the Kingsley Schoolhouse and Trail. Another popular spot is the Kingsley Wilderness Project.

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The Montgomery Parks Council schedules guided tours of this 19th century schoolhouse which is one of the few that has not been altered from the time it was built. The facility is furnished to showcase its history in the late 1920s based on accounts obtained from former students.

The six mile Kingsley Trail leads visitors to this structure. It is a gravel pathway and is convenient and easy for people of all ages. The path ends close to the schoolhouse with a swinging bridge that traverses the creek. There is also a small picnic area for visitors. The more adventurous can continue their journey through the other paths that cross this trail.

The school was built in 1893 and is referred to by local residents as “Froggy Hollow”. It served the community until it was shut down in 1935. The Great Depression forced residents to leave and find employment. The trail head for Kingsley lies at the far edge of the parking area at the opposite end of Clarksburg Road. It has been marked conspicuously and is the only gravel road in the vicinity. You can take Route 270 to Clarksburg and then two miles to Kingsley Road.

The Kingsley Wilderness Project is an educational institute in Northern Montgomery County. For the last 28 years, it has educated high school students who were less fortunate.

At Kingsley, they were taught school work and outdoor activities in the afternoon. Afterwards, they are expected to go back to their home schools with a new outlook. The Kingsley program teaches problem-solving to students so that they might grow into responsible individuals who appreciate self-respect. In the process, they become sensitive to their needs as well as others.

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