Written by Jody Trammel

Good Hope Road

Good Hope Road in Silver Spring, Maryland is known for its fountains. Water squirts from six fountainheads onto a plane surface-spray ground.

This popular site is a unique attraction of Good Hope Local Park. There is a concrete courtyard with a 24 floor water jets that little boys and girls will surely enjoy. A lifeguard stands guard when the water is on. He insures safety and he he also controls the spray as well as maintaining cleanliness.

It is a very good place for children to frolic and splatter around. It is advisable that they wear swimsuits. However, swimsuits are not mandatory. The walls that enclose the spray ground are ideal for parents and adults to lean or sit on while keeping watch over the youngsters. There are trees offering shade for those who want to stroll around and seek cover from the heat. You can also walk down the sidewalk that leads to the small play area in the woods sandwiched between the tennis and basketball courts. This is located at the back of the Good Hope Neighborhood Recreation Center.

This leisure area offers a variety of exercise programs for people of all ages. They are designed to promote health, physical fitness and opportunities to socialize. Likewise, there are sports, fitness, dance, music and art hobbies that you can indulge in on the weekends. Some of the outdoor sports facilities include two baseball fields, basketball courts, tennis court, and a playground for kids which are managed by the Park and Planning Office. It is a cool place to bring the entire family especially during the hot summer months. Parking is available. However, the facility will be closed for the first two weeks of August.

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