Written by Jody Trammel

National Museum of Civil War Medicine

National Museum of Civil War MedicineLocated in Frederick, Maryland, the National Museum of Civil War Medicine is a historic institution devoted to surgical, medical, and nursing practices during the Civil War.

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History of the museum

The National Museum of Civil War Medicine was originally suggested by a private collector, Dr. Gordon E. Damman, whose focus was on Civil War era medical relics. The museum was established in 1990 and opened to public guests in 1996.

The museum’s goal was to convey what Civil War medicine was like in a way that soldiers would have experienced it. So the museum’s galleries were organized to begin with soldier recruitment, and they progressed to detail aspects of life in camp, field hospitals, evacuating the wounded, and even embalming deceased soldiers. Original features included an authentic Confederate ambulance, amputation kits, a 19th century holding coffin, and countless other medical items.

Visiting the National Museum of Civil War Medicine

Its Frederick location has been key to the museum’s success. Many Civil War buffs frequent the area each year, as it’s within a half-hour’s drive from five different significant Civil War battlefields.

In addition to surveying the Civil War era, the museum touches on important aspects of American history, like the progress of the medical field and the role of Blacks, women, and children during the war. It strives to make the narrative of the Civil War a personal one by telling the stories of individuals – doctors, surgeons, nurses, soldiers, and volunteers – who played a part in this stage of our nation’s history.

The museum is open seven days a week.

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