Written by Jody Trammel

The National Museum of Health and Medicine


National Museum of Health and MedicineLocated a mile from Washington, D.C. in Silver Spring, Maryland, the National Museum of Health and Medicine is dedicated to military medicine. Founded in 1862 during the Civil War as the Army Medical Museum, NMHM is currently home to countless one-of-a-kind artifacts, including the bullet that killed President Abraham Lincoln.

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History of the National Museum of Health and Medicine

The Army Medical Museum was founded by U.S. Army Surgeon General William A. Hammond to collect specimens that could be used for research in military medicine and surgery. In addition, the AMM took pictures of wounded soldiers during the war to show the effects of gunshot wounds, amputations, and other surgeries.

The AMM went on to perform infectious disease and vaccination research and launch health education campaigns in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and the organization successfully discovered the cause of yellow fever in 1900.

Touring the museum today

Renamed the National Museum of Health and Medicine in 1989, the museum currently houses over 25 million artifacts, including thousands of skeletal specimens, preserved organs, historical medical documents, and medical instruments and equipment. The remains of Albert Einstein’s brain are among the museum’s artifacts.

The NMHM maintains several collections detailing human anatomy, the history of medical technology, and neuropathology. And major museum exhibits are dedicated to a wide range of topics, including Civil War medicine, history of the microscope, battlefield surgery, Abraham Lincoln’s assassination, and the forensic science involved in identifying soldiers killed at war.

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