Written by Jody Trammel

Woodside Park

Woodside ParkHistorians from Montgomery County describe Woodside Park north of downtown Silver Spring as the “most intact subdivision of the 1920s and 1930s.” it is also known in the locally as a wholesome expression of suburban ideals. Silver Spring, where the Park is located, is one of the oldest suburbs in DC. Woodside Park also shares a boundary with the Silver Spring business district.

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Woodside Park was the former Alton Farm. It used to be the country estate of Crosby Noyes, a well-known citizen of Washington and previous owner of the Washington Evening Star newspaper. The heirs of Noyes children ultimately sold the property to the Woodside Development Corporation in 1922. The developers sub-divided the farm into individual lots of approximately one acre each. However, some properties were later subdivided into ス acre and smaller tracts.

Woodside Park’s colorful history started during the American Civil War. The land was utilized as an encampment for Confederate soldiers during the July 1864 assault on Fort Stevens. Union soldiers shelled the Confederate position forcing them to retreat into the forests where the present Highland Drive is located.

The quiet and pleasant community is distinguished by its park-like scenery which includes roads that follow the contours of the land as well as the different inland waterways. Most of these brooks have been channeled underground into large pipes. The styles of houses in the neighborhood vary and were typical and popular architectural styles of the 20th century.

Woodside Park maintains the Woodside Park Civic Association which publishes a monthly newsletter called The Voice from September until June. It holds a Halloween bash and an Oktoberfest celebration every October. The highlights include a costume contest and pumpkin carving. At present, there are approximately 625 houses between Colesville Road and Georgia Avenue north of Spring Street. You can see the well-preserved history, culture and the distinct architecture that delineates Woodside Park. It is also very close to downtown Silver Spring, with several restaurants, movie theaters and other entertainment facilities within walking distance. In fact, a lot of downtown commuters walk daily to Silver Spring’s Metro station.

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