Written by Jody Trammel

A More Comfortable Flight

How to have a more comfortable flight

In airplaneLet’s face it; most airplane seats aren’t terribly comfortable, especially for long flights. But with a little prior planning, you can know just how to maximize your comfort on your next flight.

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Make use of your space

Airplane seats are cramped already. Don’t make matters worse by shoving a giant bag under the seat in front of you, taking up all of your leg room. Instead, make sure to stash your bulky items in the storage areas overhead, and only have the essentials you’ll need during the flight by your feet or in your seat pocket.

On some flights, you can be seated for hours at a time. Make your air space as comfortable as possible with a few essentials. Try a fleece throw to keep you warm when the plane’s cabin temperature drops. Also think about bringing an eye mask and a neck pillow, in case you can get some sleep on the plane.

Plan for your flight

Think about what you’d like to do while you’re in the air, so you can plan accordingly before take off. Laptop users like to bring laptop props, like the Aviator laptop stand, so they can fully open their computer screens, even when the seat in from of them is reclined. Passengers who want to watch movies or listen to music swear by noise-canceling headphones to completely block out airplane noise. And for those who’d rather read, sleep, or just drown out some sound, don’t forget a pair of earplugs.

With these simple suggestions, you can feel rested and refreshed when you get off the plane. And for reliable, professional ground transportation after your flight to the D.C. area, just call Affinity!