Written by Jody Trammel

Ashton-Sandy Spring

Sandy Spring Friends SchoolAshton-Sandy Spring is a pastoral community located 17 miles from Washington, DC. It is said to be one of the richest counties in the United States. The Quakers founded this community in the 18th century while looking for a suitable place to farm corn and tobacco. Since then, there has been massive development in Ashton-Sandy Spring, making it an ideal place in which to live.

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Summer Delight at Sandy Spring

There are several places that you can visit while in Ashton-Sandy Spring. One is the Summer Program, which affords campers–especially children–exciting opportunities and pursuits associated with fine arts, music, sporting activities, and open-air leisure. Dubbed the Friends Camp program, the whole-day program is perfect for schoolchildren at the pre-kindergarten level up to Grade Six due to the variety of academic and creative development programs. For this reason, outdoor enthusiasts look forward to the summer months for this fun activity.

The Adventure Recreational Park at Sandy Spring Friends School is another ideal attraction.

Recreational Park

The five-acre park has an obstacle course consisting of cables, platforms, ropes, ladders and unconventional bridges. These extend up to 65 feet into the forest canopy and creates the illusion of a gigantic spider web. Youngsters as young as seven years old can take part. There are 10 routes with different stages of difficulty, categorized according to colors. Regardless of age, the participants are encouraged to begin with the yellow color, which is the easiest. The green track is also fairly simple, while all those who join must finish a blue trail with medium difficulty before going to the final stage: the single or double black diamond, the hardest and the most challenging portion.

All the paths begin at a central platform where knowledgeable staff members in bright orange shirts suggest routes to match visitors’ abilities. There’s no wrong way to climb, and visitors figure out their own routes from one platform to the next. Staffers watch from trails on the ground below and offer suggestions only when asked.

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