Written by Jody Trammel


BeallsvilleBeallsville is a small community outside Poolesville in Montgomery County, Maryland. It is a historic district and remains a popular destination for local residents and visitors alike.

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Beallsville Before

In 1861, Union troops were encamped in this area, which was still known as Monocacy Church. The Anglican Church built in 1784 was almost destroyed during the Union occupation. This small town sat at the junction of the road from Rockville to Nolands Ferry and Monocacy River, and thus was a strategic place for Union forces. Beallsville was the scene of several battles between federal and confederate cavalry units during the American Civil War. When the hostilities ended, The Elijah Veirs White (EV) Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy reconstructed the church at the Monocacy Cemetery. A celebration remembering the birthday of Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederate States, was held every year on June 3rd at the memorial park.

Significant Landmarks

There are significant landmarks in Beallsville, such as the Darby Store at the juncture of Darnestown and Beallsville roads. This spot used to be occupied by a small blacksmith’s shop during the 1800s. The facility was torn down in 1908 after Harry C. Darby acquired the lot. In 1910, he built the general store, where locals purchased daily supplies and picked up their mail. The store closed in 1974 but remained in one piece until a tractor wrecked the covered entrance in the late eighties. The Maryland National Capital Park and Planning Commission acquired the Darby residence and store for $670,000 after the Montgomery Preservation nonprofit agency declared the building “one of the county’s most endangered historic sites.”

In 2009, the site was excavated. Archeologists spent three weeks at the location and found oyster shells, glass splinters, coal, nails, ceramic pipes, and a 1918 liberty dime. Another historical landmark, the Monocacy Cemetery, is situated at 19801 W. Hunter Rd near Sugarloaf Mountain. The old cemetery dates back to the American Revolution and is the final resting place for 6,000 persons from Beallsville, Poolesville and the surrounding towns. The cemetery was documented in a book, Monocacy Cemetery Beallsville, Montgomery County, Maryland by Elizabeth R. Frain. The book sources came from available records of the cemetery and include Interment Books, Burial Permits, card files and tombstones.

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