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Gaithersburg Latitude Observatory

Gaithersburg Latitude ObservatoryIf you happen to visit Gaithersburg in Montgomery County, you will find out the Gaithersburg Latitude Observatory is one of its premier attractions. The beacon is located on a 2.3 acre property at the southern end of the city.

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Written by Jody Trammel


BeallsvilleBeallsville is a small community outside Poolesville in Montgomery County, Maryland. It is a historic district and remains a popular destination for local residents and visitors alike.

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Written by Jody Trammel


White FerryDickerson is located along Maryland Route 28, flanked by Sugarloaf Mountain and the Potomac River. It was formally instituted in 1871 and named after the town’s first postmaster, William H. Dickerson. However, most of the land where the town lies was owned by Nathan Hempstone; 97 acres were given as a grant to Arthur Nelson in 1739.

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Dickerson in the Past

The town was nothing but a few bungalows, a pair of roads, and one store before the Civil War. However, the population started to increase after 1865, when the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company was looking for a route to accommodate its Metropolitan Branch. Commuters were yearning for a means of traveling west toward D.C. and other areas without the need to pass by Baltimore. Construction of a route that passed through Dickerson up to Point of Rocks in Maryland was completed in 1871. The whole line was opened for public use in 1873.

The famous Dickerson Store was put up as a supply depot only for workers building the railroad in 1870, but it also continued to serve local residents and farmers as a general store. In 1891, a post office was added to the retail outlet. It was moved three times: first in 1890 to allow more space for the train station, second in 1910 to make way for road widening, and again in 1928 when a second track was added to the railroad. You can find Dickerson Market at Dickerson Road. It was built in 1946 as Dronenburg’s Store. The post office was relocated for a fourth time from the Dickerson Store to Dickerson Market in 1960.

Places to Visit

The historic White’s Ferry is a historic ferry that offered transport services on the Potomac River between Maryland and Virginia; it is a must-see for visitors. It operated during the latter part of the 18th century. There is a store and grill open during the spring and summer seasons to sell snacks, hot and cold food, and beverages. Canoes, picnic tables, and a pavilion are rented out for all types of family gatherings at very inexpensive rates. Dickerson is also close to Sugarloaf Mountain, a park and favorite destination of tourists. This recreational area was declared a National Natural Landmark in 1969. Enjoy your trip to Dickerson and for a comfortable ride, make sure to call Affinity!

Written by Jody Trammel

Takoma Park Washington, DC

Takoma ParkTakoma Park is one of the many cities in Montgomery County. It is also part of the Metropolitan Area of Washington, D.C. Takoma is a Native American word that means “exalted place.” The urban hub, which is a nuclear-free zone, is also called Azalea City by local residents.

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