Written by Jody Trammel

Chevy Chase View

Chevy ChaseChevy Chase View is another town of Montgomery County in Maryland. A property developer by the name of Claude Livingstone drafted the layout in 1910 and passed it on to a couple of investors, Harry E. Smith and John L. Whitmore, a few years after. The town was incorporated in 1993. If you plan to visit Chevy Chase View, call Affinity Airport Sedan for a ride. Sit back and enjoy the sights. Our dependable transport service will guarantee you a very comfortable trip.

Fur trader Henry Fleet

discovered Chevy Chase View. Sometime during the 1600s, the town was part of a lot known during that time as Joseph’s Park. It was inherited by a member of the prominent Carroll family in Maryland after almost a century. However, in 1865, only one house remained within the borders of Chevy Chase View.

It was Claude Livingstone who acquired almost 170 acres from the Gartrell family and plotted the town; Chevy Case View was part of the highlands, with a view of the adjacent rural area. Another real estate broker, Henry M. Martin, was involved in the town’s development. The investor acquired a huge parcel of land in Dresden Street and constructed his first residence. He was also responsible for the conversion of Chevy Chase View into a special tax district in 1924. The creation of the town charter came after this.

The original layout of this town was on an irregular grid that identified 276 lots, though there were only a few houses in Chevy Chase View before 1930. Construction reached its peak starting 1933, which was ironically the Depression period. By 1940, there were already 100 homes with some 444 residents. This increased to 154 units in 1942, then to a total of 169 homes before the end of 1943.

Redevelopment has always been the primary focus of the council of Chevy Chase View. It is also the council’s aim to preserve the town’s history and character despite the planned development within the next few years. In nearby Chevy Chase, there are some shopping facilities, an old barber shop, a homey place for coffee and souvenir shopping, and a neighborhood grocery.

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