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LayHillLayhill is one of the many unincorporated communities of Montgomery County in Maryland. The center is situated at the junction of the Bel Pre and Bonifant Roads. If you want to explore Washington, DC and include Layhill in your itinerary, chances are you will need a ride. Just call Affinity Airport Sedan!

A 54-acre drive-in movie theater was supposed to have been built at the corner of Layhill and Bel Pre Roads in 1955. It was an ambitious project and envisioned

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Parr’s Ridge and Mt. Airy

Parr's SpringParr’s Ridge is a crest which forms the zenith of the Piedmont Plateau in Maryland. This ridge stretches out from southwest to northeast through Montgomery, Howard and Carroll counties. The tallest peak is in Maryland east of the Appalachian Mountains. The Patapsco River has a tributary known as Parr’s spring. It converges at Montgomery, Howard, Carroll, and Frederick. The spring is submerged underneath a pond on the grounds of the “Four County Farm.”

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Chevy Chase View

Chevy ChaseChevy Chase View is another town of Montgomery County in Maryland. A property developer by the name of Claude Livingstone drafted the layout in 1910 and passed it on to a couple of investors, Harry E. Smith and John L. Whitmore, a few years after. The town was incorporated in 1993. If you plan to visit Chevy Chase View, call Affinity Airport Sedan for a ride. Sit back and enjoy the sights. Our dependable transport service will guarantee you a very comfortable trip.

Fur trader Henry Fleet

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City of Rockville

Rockville Time SquareRockville has been described as one of the small but vibrant cities in the United States. It is business-friendly and home to several prominent bio-med and technology corporations as well as federal agencies. Rockville is the county seat located at the central part of Montgomery County and is the third biggest incorporated city in Maryland next to Baltimore and Frederick.

If your travel plans bring you

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Somerset Elementary School MontgomerySomerset is a small town of Montgomery County in Maryland next to the Washington D.C. border. It should not be mistaken for Somerset County (Maryland), which is 150 miles away from this locality.

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About Somerset

The beginnings of Somerset go back to 1890, when a group of scientists acquired 50 acres of tobacco farmland from the government to be developed as a residential community. This parcel of land was formerly part of the Friendship Tract, a grant of 3,000 acres to colonists in early Maryland. Somerset was one of the streets named after counties in England. The others are Cumberland, Dorset, Essex, Surrey, and Warwick. The very first resident of Somerset in 1893 was Dr. Charles Crampton, and by 1905, there were already 35 houses in that community. The first Town Council was organized in May 7, 1906, with Dr. Crampton as the first mayor.

According to town officials and local historians, women have been active in the cultural development of Somerset and Montgomery County as a whole. In 1902, women residents of this town formed a Wednesday Club to discuss and recommend solutions primarily on child labor issues, rights of suffrage, the war in Europe, and other current concerns. In 1916, the Wednesday Club was transformed into the Women’s Club of Somerset and ultimately merged with the Montgomery County Federation of Women’s Clubs.

Coping with Problems

Somerset was always hailed as an area of tranquility and refinement. However, it was confronted with problems such as insufficient water drain systems, crude sewage disposal methods, and an absence of local fire protection and schools. These issues urged local citizens to formally request the State of Maryland for incorporation into a township so taxes could be levied for basic services. The State issued Somerset’s charter in 1906, forming the community of Somerset Heights and surrounding areas into a town. Somerset has a mayor-council form of government. It has stood up to challenges and development has been rapid. You can now find tennis and basketball courts, a batting area, and a community swimming pool as well as more residential units.

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White FerryDickerson is located along Maryland Route 28, flanked by Sugarloaf Mountain and the Potomac River. It was formally instituted in 1871 and named after the town’s first postmaster, William H. Dickerson. However, most of the land where the town lies was owned by Nathan Hempstone; 97 acres were given as a grant to Arthur Nelson in 1739.

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Dickerson in the Past

The town was nothing but a few bungalows, a pair of roads, and one store before the Civil War. However, the population started to increase after 1865, when the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company was looking for a route to accommodate its Metropolitan Branch. Commuters were yearning for a means of traveling west toward D.C. and other areas without the need to pass by Baltimore. Construction of a route that passed through Dickerson up to Point of Rocks in Maryland was completed in 1871. The whole line was opened for public use in 1873.

The famous Dickerson Store was put up as a supply depot only for workers building the railroad in 1870, but it also continued to serve local residents and farmers as a general store. In 1891, a post office was added to the retail outlet. It was moved three times: first in 1890 to allow more space for the train station, second in 1910 to make way for road widening, and again in 1928 when a second track was added to the railroad. You can find Dickerson Market at Dickerson Road. It was built in 1946 as Dronenburg’s Store. The post office was relocated for a fourth time from the Dickerson Store to Dickerson Market in 1960.

Places to Visit

The historic White’s Ferry is a historic ferry that offered transport services on the Potomac River between Maryland and Virginia; it is a must-see for visitors. It operated during the latter part of the 18th century. There is a store and grill open during the spring and summer seasons to sell snacks, hot and cold food, and beverages. Canoes, picnic tables, and a pavilion are rented out for all types of family gatherings at very inexpensive rates. Dickerson is also close to Sugarloaf Mountain, a park and favorite destination of tourists. This recreational area was declared a National Natural Landmark in 1969. Enjoy your trip to Dickerson and for a comfortable ride, make sure to call Affinity!

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kensington-MD-20895Kensington is one of the towns of Montgomery County in Maryland. Locals frequently call it the Mormon temple. The town’s post office also serves a bigger area extending further to North Bethesda and Wheaton District.

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White Oak

Quaint AcresWhite Oak is one of the unincorporated areas of Maryland County. It is a diverse locality which spans Lockwood Drive, New Hampshire Avenue and Stewart Lane before reaching Columbia Pike. Whether you want to stroll around White Oak or get a ride back to the airport at the end of your stay, call Affinity Airport Sedan. Our professional car service will pick you up and get you were you need to be.

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Kemp Mill

Sligo CreekKemp Mill is a small community in Montgomery County. It is part of Silver Spring which is also in Maryland. Tourists will enjoy the shops and restaurants in the commercial area. And when you’re planning your next family weekend you should think about visiting Kemp Mill.

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Brief History

A map of Maryland that dates back to the late 18th century shows a mill owned by a Quaker minister and political activist named Evan Thomas. Francis Valdenar bought the frame saw and grist mill in 1833. Then in 1857, Valdenar sold this mill to George Kemp who renamed it Kemp Mill. The family operated the mill until 1905 and unfortunately in 1919, the mill burned down. The Maryland National Park and Planning Commission acquired the site in 1957.

Kemp Mill Today

There are numerous Jewish synagogues as well as Jewish and Catholic parochial schools in this community. Kemp Mill Recreation Center was constructed and now houses basketball and tennis courts, a baseball field and playground. A spacious meeting place was also constructed for residents. Sligo Creek emerges from Kemp Mill and has become the most developed sub-watershed of the Anacostia River. The Sligo Creek Trail for hikers and bikers connects Kemp Mill to downtown Wheaton and links up with the tributary trail system in Anacostia. We highly recommend this riding adventure.

Kemp Mill Shopping Center is the neighborhood’s trade nucleus. This quaint neighborhood mall is complete with two restaurants; two banks; grocery outlet, dry cleaner, barber shop, pharmacy, nail and hair salon, mini gymnasium, and martial arts training facility. Assorted pastry shops and doctors’ clinics also occupy the complex. However, the famous anchor store for decades, Giant Food Grocery, closed down on September of 2007. A small local chain (Magruder’s) refurbished the facility and opened two months later. It did not last long and ceased operations in July of 2012. Businessman Shalom Kosher, who owns a Kosher store in Wheaton, acquired Magruder’s and opened a second retail shop on Lamberton Drive the same year.

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Forest Glen

Walter Reed Army Institute of ResearchForest Glen is one of the numerous communities in one of Maryland’s suburbs in DC. It was named after the forested and narrow valley that extends from a small brook in Carroll Springs to Rock Creek. This area is approximately 400 feet higher than the average altitude of the region which accommodates better drainage and stays cooler  than many parts of Washington.

Forest Glen is a historic district and remains a popular destination

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