Written by Jody Trammel

Getting Around DC

Washinton DCGetting around in Washington, D.C.

Tourists from around the globe flock to our nation’s capital. But getting around the District can prove trickier than many visitors imagine. But, with a few quick tips, you’ll be getting around D.C. like a pro.

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Ditch the car

If you’re visiting D.C., you’ll probably want to leave your car behind. As the nation’s capital, D.C.’s streets were built to confuse enemy troops looking to attack the city. And even life-long residents admit the city can be confusing to maneuver. D.C. is divided into four quadrants, with the Capitol in the middle. Streets running north and south are named with letters, while numbers are assigned to streets running east and west. But the city is far from a simple grid. There are also diagonal avenues, generally given state names. Plus, mind-boggling traffic circles and freeway ramps can appear out of nowhere.

If the city maze weren’t enough, drivers often have issues finding parking spots, especially near tourist destinations.  And when parking is available, it’s often very expensive. Save yourself the hassle and walk or use public transportation.

Riding the Metro

To see all the sites without a vehicle, use D.C.’s easy-to-navigate rail system, the Metro. The Metro can take you to numerous neighborhoods in D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. There are 86 different stations on five lines.

When riding the Metro, remember a few rules of etiquette. First, when riding escalators, stand to the right. There are usually hurried commuters who will need to rush by you on the left. In addition, to keep the trains and stations as clean as possible, no eating or drinking is allowed. For directional questions, Metro personnel are usually happy to help.

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