Written by Jody Trammel

Glen Mar Park

Glen Mar ParkGlen Mar Park is a small neighborhood recreational area nestled inside bustling Massachusetts Avenue corridor in Montgomery County, Maryland. The plaza has basketball and tennis courts as well as small playing fields for kids. It is a collegiate district of more than 200 residential homes and is bordered by Massachusetts Avenue and Sangamore Road. The community

was initially developed in the 1940s and is made up of original residents and migrants, particularly young families.

Glen Mar Park was established at the end of the Second World War and the majority of the earliest occupants were families of soldiers and retired servicemen or government employees. In fact, many dependents of these original residents still live in the community or adjacent towns. However, numerous households with children relocated to nearby neighborhoods. This allowed them to still be part of Wood Acres school system when the old Brookmont Elementary School was opened. This school is now called Washington Waldorf School. Original plans of the County to were to put up a school where the present park is located but was abandoned because of soil dispersion problems.

Throughout the years, Glen Mar Park has produced prominent personalities such as former United States president Lyndon Johnson, Lawrence Higby (former assistant chief of staff at the White House for President Richard Nixon), former Federal Trade Commission Chair Paul Rand Dixon, GEICO co-founder Leo Goodwin, and Bruce Laingen who was an American hostage held captive in Iran for more than one year.

The Glen Mar Park community association keeps on striving to enhance the living experience of local and visitors by way of focused efforts to enhance the neighborhood. Some of the activities include tree planting programs, maintaining traffic triangles, coordinating with developers to safeguard the environment, encourage useful pursuits within abandoned lots or properties, and caring for town signage. New members are always welcome.

In fact, this is what the Montgomery County Parks and Recreation Department is committed to doing. It seeks to provide quality facilities, parks, programs and services in a prompt and efficient manner.

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