Written by Jody Trammel

Plan Ahead For A Successful Trip

Travel SicknessIt’s not super glamorous, but planning and making necessary precautions for your trip can save you tons of time and aggravation in the long run. With our tips below, you’ll know how to bypass problems and get straight to enjoying your trip.

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Plan ahead to avoid last-minute panic

When you travel, you probably pack the same basic essentials every time. But if you’re packing in a rush, you may forget some of these basic items. So, keep a list detailing everything you need to pack for most trips, and store it in your suitcase so you always have a running checklist. Also consider making different lists for different types of trips. For example, make one list for short business trips and another for family vacations. And add items to your lists as needed.

If you’re flying with a pet, a great calming trick is to throw a t-shirt you’ve recently worn into its crate. Having something soft that smells like you close by is reassuring during long, frightening flights.

Keep your stomach calm

Pets aren’t the only things that need calming during travel. For many, stomach upset is a major problem. If you’re heading out on a cruise, keep some dried gingerroot close at hand. Ginger’s well known for its stomach soothing properties. Taking a 1,000-milligram pill before the ship departs and another about four hours later can really help to ease motion sickness.

And eat yogurt while you’re away to stave of bacteria from new foods or environments, while giving you a healthy dose of protein.

With these tips, you’re sure to avoid some hassle the next time you travel. And for a worry-free ride to the airport, just call Affinity!