Written by Jody Trammel

Union Station

Union StationUnion Station is Washington D.C.’s major train station and the national headquarters for passenger rail service, Amtrak. It’s one of the country’s most utilized train stations.

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About Union Station

Union Station opened its doors in 1907. Conveniently located just five blocks from the United States Capitol, it soon became the most prominent gateway to Washington, D.C. At its height of popularity, during World War II, Union Station routinely saw 200,000 visitors per day.

An impressive structure, the building’s waiting room ceiling stands at 96 feet tall, and Union Station’s interior boasts precious materials like gold leaf, marble, and white granite. Several notable statues created by Louis St. Gaudens, including historical and mythological Greek figures and over two-dozen centurions, decorate the structure.

After a period of decline, 1981 legislation ordered the restoration of Union Station to preserve its status as a national treasure. The $160 million project was completed in 1988 and was the country’s largest ever public/ private restoration endeavor.

Union Station today

Today, 40 million people visit Union Station each year. The train station is served by Amtrak, along with commuter railways, MARC and VRE, that take passengers to Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia.  In addition, several bus lines, including Greyhound, Peter Pan, and Megabus, also operate out of the station. In 2012, a $7 billion plan was announced that would cover renovations to the building in an effort to triple the number of passengers using the facility each year.

In addition to serving as a transportation center, Union Station is also home to several retail shops, restaurants, and eateries.

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