Written by Jody Trammel

Rock Creek

Rock Creek is a waterway the flows towards the Potomac River. It drains into the Atlantic Ocean through Chesapeake Bay. The entire cove is said to be 32.6 miles in length with drainage section of approximately 76 miles. The creek ascends from a spring close to Laytonsville, Montgomery and converges at the Potomac next to Watergate and Georgetown in DC. Chesapeake and Ohio Canal connects with Rock Creek.

The Maryland section of the bay composes the second-biggest watershed

in Montgomery County which is roughly 60 square miles. Nearly 21 percent of the creek’s watershed is located in Washington. Lake Needwood is situated on Rock Creek. It is the artificial 75-acre reservoir in Derwood that provides flood control support. In Maryland, water quality in the northern Rock Creek lagoon is excellent based on research made by the Montgomery County government. In 2004, the county enforced development restrictions to preserve water quality in areas that have been developed to some extent. These were designated as “Special Protection Areas.”

Rock Creek Regional Park is almost 1,800 acres wide including Lakes Frank and Needwood. Visitors can stroll through 13 miles of forested trails or go boating, fishing, picnicking, or watch wildlife species. The Rock Creek Trail is made up of covered passageways that go through the southern portion of Montgomery County. The path is a traffic-free course between the business districts of Bethesda and Silver Spring on one end and Rockville on the other. The northern footpath lies at Lake Needwood Regional Park east of metropolitan Rockville. This particular trail ends up at the border of DC.

Most sections are quite narrow and zigzag. Debris frequently covers the road since the area is heavily forested. It is not really a very good road for commuters. There are inadequate directional signs. It is also hard to figure out the major trail route. However, the trial is made for adventurous hikers and bikers despite the downsides. The place is cool and free from pollution. That is why Rock Creek is made for nature lovers.

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