Written by Jody Trammel

Tips For Traveling Spontaneously

well planned travelSome trips are so well planned that you know every stop you’ll make months before you land in your destination. Structure can be great, but for a different kind of fun, let your hair down, and follow our tips for a more spontaneous vacation below.

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Don’t make too many plans

If you know there are things you don’t want to miss, make sure to check those out. But don’t feel required to map out your whole itinerary. Attractions that are highly recommended by guidebooks are often super crowded with other tourists. Instead, make time to see the city like a local would. Don’t be afraid to chat with strangers to soak up local culture and get suggestions for places to go and things to eat.

And don’t be bound by your bucket list. Going to a new place with tons of things you must do or accomplish can take all the fun out of traveling and make it feel more like work.

Live in the moment

Sure, you want to take enough pictures to remember what your trip was like. But don’t get so obsessed that you’re taking photos every second. Focus on enjoying yourself, not on uploading a million snapshots to social media sites to prove what a good time you’re having.

Don’t be afraid to take a trip, or spend an afternoon out of town, by yourself. Some trips are just best experienced alone. And sometimes, you want to do something that no one else in your group is interested in. Don’t bypass the opportunity. Get out there, and have a good time.

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