Written by Jody Trammel

Feel Fresh After Flight

 Travel by the planeHow to Feel Fresh After Your Flight

Flights, even short ones, can leave you drained and zapped of energy. But they don’t have to! Look and feel fresh when you land with our energizing tips below.

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What to eat and drink

Remember, protein is power. But most airlines aren’t serving particularly protein-rich fare. So experts suggest packing snacks like hard-boiled egg whites, turkey breast, skinless chicken, nuts, roasted edamame, or lean turkey or beef jerky that are easy to transport sources of lean protein. Just steer clear of processed, sugary, or fried foods that can make you feel tired and unsettled.

Fruits and vegetables are also a great plane snack option. They’re full of water, which will leave you hydrated. And the healthy sugar from fruit will keep you energized. Try fruit and nuts or veggies and hummus to round out your snack with protein.

You can also banish jet lag and exhaustion with water. Reach for H2O before, during, and after your flight. Staying hydrated even improves skin tone, so you’ll be fresh-faced by the time you land. Just try to avoid alcohol and caffeine. Both are dehydrating, and alcohol can actually make you feel sluggish.

Keep moving

During long flights, get up and walk about the cabin while you’re in the air. And when you head through the terminal, bypass the moving walkways. Walking is a great way to boost your energy levels and get your blood pumping after hours of sitting still in the air.

Look and feel your best when you land. And don’t let the stress of ground transportation thwart your efforts! Just give us a call, and leave the driving to Affinity!