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Union Station

Union StationUnion Station is Washington D.C.’s major train station and the national headquarters for passenger rail service, Amtrak. It’s one of the country’s most utilized train stations.

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Written by Jody Trammel

Frederick, MD

Frederick M.D.Frederick, Maryland is a city about 50 miles north of Washington, D.C. It’s Maryland’s second most populated city, after Baltimore.

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About Frederick

Frederick was settled by German immigrants in the mid-1700s. By the mid 1800s, it was a major mining area, producing, iron, marble, limestone, gold, and copper, along with other minerals. Because of its location, both Union and Confederate troops were led directly through the city during the Civil War. Many slaves eventually fled the area to fight with the Union, and the city was the site of a speech delivered by President Abraham Lincoln after the Battle of Antietam.

Located in Frederick County in northern Maryland, the city of Frederick is situated along several different interstates. It sits west of Baltimore and north of D.C.

Frederick Today

Today, Frederick’s downtown area boasts numerous ethnically diverse restaurants, along with retailers and antique shops. Its economy is greatly boosted by its proximity to Washington, D.C. As such, it’s home to over 600 businesses and organizations. In addition, the city is a center for cancer research. Many of Frederick’s houses were built in the 19th or 20th centuries as row houses or duplexes. And the city’s downtown skyline is filled with spires from its numerous historic churches. In 2010, the older portion of the city was named one of the greatest cities in the Unites States by Forbes magazine.

An artistic and cultural area, downtown Frederick is home to several art galleries, dance studios, theaters, and the Maryland Shakespeare Festival. The Maryland Ensemble Theatre and the Frederick Symphony Orchestra are also located within the city.

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Written by Jody Trammel

Capitol Hill

Getting to know Capitol Hill

United States Capitol BuildingCapitol Hill is one of the oldest and most prestigious neighborhoods in Washington, D.C. Though the neighborhood is under two square miles, it’s home to approximately 35,000 residents, making it one of the city’s most densely populated areas as well. Capitol Hill is located near the center of the city and lies in the Southeast and Northeast quadrants of D.C.

To get to know this historically significant part of the nation’s capital yourself,

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Written by Jody Trammel

Feel Fresh After Flight

 Travel by the planeHow to Feel Fresh After Your Flight

Flights, even short ones, can leave you drained and zapped of energy. But they don’t have to! Look and feel fresh when you land with our energizing tips below.

Whether you’re traveling to attend a business meeting, spend holidays with family, or hang out with friends,

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