Written by Jody Trammel


Laytonsville, MarylandLaytonsville is one of the smaller municipalities in Montgomery County, Maryland. It used to be called Cracklintown which came from “cracklin’ bread”, which is one of the original baked delicacies in the locality. The crossroads of Laytonsville’s northern district goes directly to the principal urban areas of the state. These include Damascus and Frederick County in the east to Baltimore, southward to Washington, D.C. and west of the Potomac River.

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About Laytonsville

Laytonsville stretches behind the unspecified borders of Sandy Spring. The town extends over the huge estate which was once owned by Quaker pioneer James Brooke. However, it never became “Quaker country.” Anglicans and Methodists joined Sandy Spring social events and business activities as well as farmers’ clubs and other organizations. There were also a lot of intermarriages during that time.

John Layton put up a brick farmhouse in 1785 on the site where the present-day Laytonsville is located. An old tavern, general store, tailor shop, and the St. Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church made up the ephemeral Cracklin Town. The town started to progress in the 1840s with the construction of several stores, business establishments and residential houses. A post office was finally built in 1861 while a Methodist Church was established in 1867. Laytonsville farmers were blessed with very fertile loam soil which does not dry out very quickly making it an ideal farming land.

Nearby Attractions

While visiting Laytonsville, you can take the opportunity to visit popular attractions near the town. Clara Barton National Historic Site is one. The National Park Service renovated 11 rooms including the bedroom of Clara Barton, living rooms, and Red Cross offices. Another popular tourist spot is the Battleground National Cemetery which is 17 miles away from Laytonsville. This military cemetery lies along Georgia Avenue close to Fort Stevens. It is managed by the National Park Service. Congressional Country Club is a country club and golf course in Bethesda. It was established in 1924 and has hosted many prestigious tournaments including the U.S. Open several times.

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