Written by Jody Trammel

Washington Grove

Washington D.C.This “town within a forest” is located northeast of Washington D.C. Washington Grove is a dappled rural community nestled underneath an ancient forest; it was developed around trees as one of the early planned garden cities. The concept of a garden city was thought of by Ebenezer Howard in 1898 to deal with pollution problems and overcrowding in urban areas.

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Washington Grove was founded by Methodists who came from D.C. and were searching for a summer revival camp to escape the summer heat. It started out as a tent city like Coronado, with religious advocates who found shelter under canvas roofs. The group held its first renewal meet on July 4, 1873, and 258 tents were laid out. A Sacred Circle was established the following year. Tent sites were set up in ridges around the perimeter-long avenues where 10,000 visitors were said to have attended.

Throughout the years, more tents were put up and those who attended the two-week revival remained there for the entire summer and even until autumn. The canvas panels were eventually replaced with wooden materials, which later on became Gothic-inspired chalets with sharp outlines of roofs. By 1920, Washington Grove became a permanent neighborhood with families living in very small houses. Washington Grove was listed in the National Register of Historic Places for its classic layout and unique history in 1980. The town council maintains complete control of purchasing and leasing lots.

Oasis of Tranquility

Original residents describe Washington Grove as an “Oasis of Tranquility and Rustic Jewel.” Developers gave priority to growing trees before constructing houses. The council enacted resolutions emphasizing management of growth and property ownership that will prevent future owners from monopolizing and expanding historic structures. After the Second World War, all development stopped and left a huge buffer that surrounded the town. Streets were named after trees, while roads were constructed behind homes in the back alleyways. The East Woods and West Woods have been classified as wildlife sanctuaries; these are the only forests in Maryland owned by the local municipality.

Washington Grove is governed by a Council of Citizens with six elected councilors and a mayor. Two council meetings are conducted every month, with local citizens always encouraged to participate.

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