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Potomac Falls

Potomac FallsThe Potomac Falls are located in Montgomery County west of Washington, DC in the Great Falls Park. This succession of surging waters developed as rocks on the Potomac River which used to be called the Wissahickon formation and consisted of resilient metamorphic boulders. These large stones are said to date back to the late Precambrian Era and approximately 750 million years old. The falls formed when sea level plunged during the last Ice Age.

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The Great Falls and rapids stretch two-thirds of a mile towards the Potomac. The river drops around 76 feet above this distance. Since it presented a main obstacle to boat traffic in the 18th Century, George Washington ordered the construction of the Potomac Canal in 1784 which took 16 years to finish.

Potomac Falls is managed by the National Park Service. The Potomac including the falls is within the territory of Maryland. You can see scenic views from both the Maryland and Virginia sides. The Billy Goat Trail on Bear Island is accessible from Maryland. It offers picturesque spectacles of the Great Falls as well as vantage points of Olmsted Island which is accessible from Maryland. The area is ideal for outdoor leisure pursuits like hiking, rock climbing, kayaking, and whitewater rafting.

The Potomac narrows down considerably as it passes over the falls and through Mather Gorge which lies on the borders of Maryland and Virginia. Heavy downpour and snow on the watershed upstream generate white-water floods. These normally swamp the rocks and endanger the nearby park and visitor center. That is why the facility was constructed on top of stilts. In fact, the pillar at the Virginia area marks the level of the 1936 Potomac River Flood.

There were numerous efforts to build canals around the Great Falls. The canal was initiated by George Washington. Afterward, the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal was put up on the Maryland section and eventually connected the Potomac tidewater with Cumberland City. The Chesapeake and Ohio also utilized the Potomac Falls as feeder and source of water supply. It has been abandoned since then.
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Woodley Gardens

Woodly GardensWoodley Gardens is one of the larger neighborhoods in Rockville, Maryland and was developed during the early 1960s by Monroe Warren, Sr. and Monroe Warren, Jr. The elder Warren built the Kennedy-Warren and Tilden Garden apartments in the District. He also developed numerous residential units in Rockville. Woodley Gardens earned the distinction of being Montgomery County’s original pre-planned community. To achieve this, the developers used a new zoning category. It allowed them to design the whole neighborhood instead of individual lots in a specific locality.

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Washington Grove

Washington D.C.This “town within a forest” is located northeast of Washington D.C. Washington Grove is a dappled rural community nestled underneath an ancient forest; it was developed around trees as one of the early planned garden cities. The concept of a garden city was thought of by Ebenezer Howard in 1898 to deal with pollution problems and overcrowding in urban areas.

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Washington Grove was founded by Methodists who came from D.C. and were searching for a summer revival camp to escape the summer heat. It started out as a tent city like Coronado, with religious advocates who found shelter under canvas roofs. The group held its first renewal meet on July 4, 1873, and 258 tents were laid out. A Sacred Circle was established the following year. Tent sites were set up in ridges around the perimeter-long avenues where 10,000 visitors were said to have attended.

Throughout the years, more tents were put up and those who attended the two-week revival remained there for the entire summer and even until autumn. The canvas panels were eventually replaced with wooden materials, which later on became Gothic-inspired chalets with sharp outlines of roofs. By 1920, Washington Grove became a permanent neighborhood with families living in very small houses. Washington Grove was listed in the National Register of Historic Places for its classic layout and unique history in 1980. The town council maintains complete control of purchasing and leasing lots.

Oasis of Tranquility

Original residents describe Washington Grove as an “Oasis of Tranquility and Rustic Jewel.” Developers gave priority to growing trees before constructing houses. The council enacted resolutions emphasizing management of growth and property ownership that will prevent future owners from monopolizing and expanding historic structures. After the Second World War, all development stopped and left a huge buffer that surrounded the town. Streets were named after trees, while roads were constructed behind homes in the back alleyways. The East Woods and West Woods have been classified as wildlife sanctuaries; these are the only forests in Maryland owned by the local municipality.

Washington Grove is governed by a Council of Citizens with six elected councilors and a mayor. Two council meetings are conducted every month, with local citizens always encouraged to participate.

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Takoma Park Washington, DC

Takoma ParkTakoma Park is one of the many cities in Montgomery County. It is also part of the Metropolitan Area of Washington, D.C. Takoma is a Native American word that means “exalted place.” The urban hub, which is a nuclear-free zone, is also called Azalea City by local residents.

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The National Zoo

National Zoo ParkThe National Zoo, formally named the National Zoological Park, is located in Washington, D.C. and is a part of the Smithsonian Institution. Founded in 1889, it’s one of the country’s oldest zoos. Admission is free, and it’s open every day of the year, except Christmas.

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About the National Zoo

When the zoo was created, officials strives to acquire one or two examples of as many species as possible. However, as many species of wild animals began to decline in numbers and become more difficult to find, it became apparent that something more had to be done.

In the mid 50s, the Zoo began focusing on taking better care of its animals, in addition to aiding conservation efforts. And by the 60s, the Zoo also took on work studying endangered and threatened species, as well as researching the breeding and behavior of zoo animals and how best to meet their needs. As a result, today the Zoo’s animals live in natural groupings, as they would in the wild, as opposed to alone. And many of its rare species are able to successfully breed and raise offspring.

Visiting the Zoo

Today, the Zoo hosts approximately 2 million guests each year. Many visit to see one of the Zoo’s main attractions, the giant panda habitat. The Zoo’s two pandas, Mei Xiang and Tian Tian, gave birth to a female cub, Bao Bao in 2013, and the family is being studied to learn how to preserve the species. Other popular exhibits include the Asia Trail, Elephant Trails, Lemur Island, an interactive visitor think tank, and the Great Ape House.

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LeDroit Park

LeDroit ParkLeDroit Park is a neighborhood in northwest Washington, D.C. The area became a national historic district in 1974 and has been home to notable residents like Duke Ellington and Jesse Jackson.

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About LeDroit Park

LeDroit Park was founded in 1873 by Amzi Barber, a wealthy businessman, who named the area after his father-in-law. The community was one of D.C.’s first suburbs and was advertised as a romantic neighborhood. It featured narrow, tree-lined roads that were given tree names, as opposed to other streets in the District which were generally named after numbers, letters, or states. And landscaping was a major focus, intended to attract residents. The community was even gated to promote security and an air of separation for residents.

Despite its creation as a segregated area, by the 1940s many elite African Americans also called LeDroit Park home. Today, the neighborhood is extremely diverse, representing a countless number of ethnic groups.

LeDroit Park today

Visitors often marvel over the neighborhood’s Victorian mansions and homes designed by famed architect James McGill. Of his 64 homes built in the area during the mid 1870s, no two were identical. Fifty still remain today.

The neighborhood prides its self on engaging residents and promoting beauty and development. The area is home to the Park at LeDroit, which includes a playground, dog park, and Common Good City Farm, a community garden and agricultural education center. The park is so impressive that Prince Charles of Wales stopped by during his 2011 visit to the States. In addition, the community is enhanced by colorful murals painted on many walls throughout the area.

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Federal Triangle

FFederal Triangleederal Triangle is a triangle-shaped area in Washington, D.C. noted for seven federal buildings built in the mid-30s that occupy the space. Today, all of these buildings are considered architecturally historic and are part of the Pennsylvania Avenue Historic Site. In addition, the area’s construction plan is considered “one of the greatest building projects ever undertaken.”

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Adams Morgan

Adams Morgan

Adams Morgan is a neighborhood located in the northwest quadrant of Washington, D.C. that’s centered at the intersection of 18th Street and Columbia Road. The area is well known for its bustling nightlife. If you’d like to explore Washington, D.C. and experience all Adams Morgan has to offer for yourself, chances are you’ll need a ride there. Just schedule a pick up with Affinity Airport Sedan! We’ll do the driving so you don’t have to worry about parking or fighting D.C. traffic to get there.

About Adams Morgan

Adams Morgan has been a diverse area since its creation. The name Adams Morgan was chosen because it combined the names of two segregated elementary schools in the area — one black and one white. During desegregation in the late 50s, the neighborhood was formed to encompass both schools and their communities. By the 60s, many immigrants from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Central America began settling in the area. And African, Asian, and Caribbean residents soon followed. As a result, Adams Morgan is one of the District’s most diverse areas with an array of international stores and restaurants. In fact, over 30 nations are represented in the neighborhood’s public schools.

Experiencing Adams Morgan

Adams Morgan is a hugely popular place for nightlife, with numerous bars, clubs, and restaurants and an abundance of live music. It’s always a lively place to find a bit of weekend fun. In addition, the area holds an annual Adams Morgan Day Festival, a street celebration complete with live entertainment, foods, and crafts. And on Saturdays, residents enjoy a neighborhood farmers market that offers fresh, organic foods and flowers. It’s been in operation for over 30 years. The neighborhood has also had its share of fame. A handful of movies and TV series have had scenes shot in the area, including Showtime’s Homeland and 2010 film How Do You Know. Visit the thriving area of Adams Morgan for yourself. And for a reliable ride to all of the fun, just call Affinity!

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Frederick, MD

Frederick M.D.Frederick, Maryland is a city about 50 miles north of Washington, D.C. It’s Maryland’s second most populated city, after Baltimore.

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About Frederick

Frederick was settled by German immigrants in the mid-1700s. By the mid 1800s, it was a major mining area, producing, iron, marble, limestone, gold, and copper, along with other minerals. Because of its location, both Union and Confederate troops were led directly through the city during the Civil War. Many slaves eventually fled the area to fight with the Union, and the city was the site of a speech delivered by President Abraham Lincoln after the Battle of Antietam.

Located in Frederick County in northern Maryland, the city of Frederick is situated along several different interstates. It sits west of Baltimore and north of D.C.

Frederick Today

Today, Frederick’s downtown area boasts numerous ethnically diverse restaurants, along with retailers and antique shops. Its economy is greatly boosted by its proximity to Washington, D.C. As such, it’s home to over 600 businesses and organizations. In addition, the city is a center for cancer research. Many of Frederick’s houses were built in the 19th or 20th centuries as row houses or duplexes. And the city’s downtown skyline is filled with spires from its numerous historic churches. In 2010, the older portion of the city was named one of the greatest cities in the Unites States by Forbes magazine.

An artistic and cultural area, downtown Frederick is home to several art galleries, dance studios, theaters, and the Maryland Shakespeare Festival. The Maryland Ensemble Theatre and the Frederick Symphony Orchestra are also located within the city.

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Nationals Park

National Park DCNationals Park is the home ballpark for Washington, D.C.’s Major League Baseball team, the Washington Nationals. It holds the distinction as the nation’s first green professional sports stadium to be LEED-certified.

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