Written by Jody Trammel

Federal Triangle

FFederal Triangleederal Triangle is a triangle-shaped area in Washington, D.C. noted for seven federal buildings built in the mid-30s that occupy the space. Today, all of these buildings are considered architecturally historic and are part of the Pennsylvania Avenue Historic Site. In addition, the area’s construction plan is considered “one of the greatest building projects ever undertaken.”

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History of Federal Triangle

Federal Triangle was conceived in 1926 when Congress approved a project to construct buildings for the National Archives, the Internal Revenue Service, and the Commerce Department.

The corner stone for Federal Triangle’s first building, the Internal Revenue building, was laid in 1929. By this point, the project had been expanded to include eight federal buildings. It wasn’t until 1947 that the entire project, scaled back to seven buildings, was considered complete.

Federal Triangle’s design was heavily influenced by the Louvre in France and government buildings on Whitehall in the United Kingdom. And while many of the buildings’ were constructed in the Neoclassical style, other influences, like Italian Renaissance and Corinthian were also used for some sites. In addition, over 100 ornamental pieces, like statues, fountains, plaques, and murals were used throughout.

Federal Triangle today

In 1987, plans were announced to create an International Cultural and Trade Center to give office space to Justice and State departments. The building was designed to fit in with other federal buildings in the area, and in 1995, it was renamed to honor former President Ronald Reagan. The Ronald Reagan Building was finally completed in 1998.

Today, Federal Triangle is comprised of ten buildings – seven for federal offices and three city buildings.

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