Written by Jody Trammel

Takoma Park Washington, DC

Takoma ParkTakoma Park is one of the many cities in Montgomery County. It is also part of the Metropolitan Area of Washington, D.C. Takoma is a Native American word that means “exalted place.” The urban hub, which is a nuclear-free zone, is also called Azalea City by local residents.

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Brief History

Historical manuscripts disclose that Takoma Park was developed by Benjamin Franklin Gilbert, an American real estate developer in 1883. His dream was to create a trendy suburb and forest-like resort community for affluent people and government officials in Washington during summer. Takoma Park earned the distinction of being one of the original Victorian commuter neighborhoods in D.C. Gilbert hired a prominent contractor, Fred Dudley, to construct numerous residential units, and by 1889, there were already 235 new homes in the area.

The Seventh Day Adventist Church acquired 5 acres of land in Takoma Park near the Maryland District and another 50 acres in 1903. The sect decided to put up its headquarters in this part of the city. It served as the international headquarters of the church until it transferred to Silver Spring in 1989. In 1976, the old park became the Takoma Park Historic District.


Venue for Cultural Events

Takoma Park also became well known for several cultural events. One of the most prominent is the folk festival, which never fails to draw in visitors from across the Mid-Atlantic region of the country. This celebration features native food, crafts, and concerts with musicians that come from different countries across the globe. Performers showcase their talents in customary music and dance, hip-hop, Celtic folk music, blues, and American Bluegrass melody.

Other yearly events are the slightly counter-cultural Takoma Park Street Festival, Jazz Festival, Independent Film Festival, and Fourth of July Parade. This spectacle is attended by locals and guests from adjacent towns and cities. The city is also home to the Institute of Musical Traditions and Liz Lerman Dance Exchange. Takoma also has three farmers’ markets that sell local produce and meats.

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