Written by Jody Trammel


FairlandFairland’s boundaries have not been officially defined as an unincorporated area. However, Fairland is recognized by the United States Census Bureau as a census-designated place and by the United States Geological Survey as a populated locality. Fairland is one of several neighborhoods in Silver Spring, Maryland.

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Neighborhood Development & Fairland Park

A Fairland Master Plan was approved and adopted accordingly in 1997. The original concept was to develop a suburban community comprising sidewalks and street trees, recreational facilities, and commercial areas with horizontal instead of vertical structures. There would be green space, shopping facilities and multiple housing options to serve the requirements of different types of families such as young couples, single adults, families, older couples who opt for smaller houses, and senior citizens.

Fairland Park is described a bi-county park. One part is under the jurisdiction of Montgomery and the other is in Prince George County. Start your bicycle tour from Greencastle Road going to the parking lot and the Holly Trail Loop. From Holly Trail, proceed to the stream crossing just before the Holly Trail Loop in the northernmost section of the park. After riding the loop, you can go to the unnamed trail section that was recently added. The new track is ideal for riders. Go back to Holly Trail and ride to Crow’s Foot Toad. You have to cross two wooden bridges and the route that meets a paved biking road in several places.

The Fairland Sports Center is a 12,000 square foot lot with an indoor gym, six indoor and two outdoor tennis courts, a weight training facility, a dance and fitness studio, and a trampoline training room. There is also a Kid’s Club, which is an after-school program for children belonging to the kindergarten level up to grade six. The children are taught various sports like tennis, swimming and gymnastics, as well as crafts and arts. The club provides snacks in the afternoon free of charge. Experienced teachers conduct all instructions. The cost for both Montgomery and Prince George County residents is $300, while families living in other counties are charged $360.

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