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Potomac Falls

Potomac FallsThe Potomac Falls are located in Montgomery County west of Washington, DC in the Great Falls Park. This succession of surging waters developed as rocks on the Potomac River which used to be called the Wissahickon formation and consisted of resilient metamorphic boulders. These large stones are said to date back to the late Precambrian Era and approximately 750 million years old. The falls formed when sea level plunged during the last Ice Age.

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The Great Falls and rapids stretch two-thirds of a mile towards the Potomac. The river drops around 76 feet above this distance. Since it presented a main obstacle to boat traffic in the 18th Century, George Washington ordered the construction of the Potomac Canal in 1784 which took 16 years to finish.

Potomac Falls is managed by the National Park Service. The Potomac including the falls is within the territory of Maryland. You can see scenic views from both the Maryland and Virginia sides. The Billy Goat Trail on Bear Island is accessible from Maryland. It offers picturesque spectacles of the Great Falls as well as vantage points of Olmsted Island which is accessible from Maryland. The area is ideal for outdoor leisure pursuits like hiking, rock climbing, kayaking, and whitewater rafting.

The Potomac narrows down considerably as it passes over the falls and through Mather Gorge which lies on the borders of Maryland and Virginia. Heavy downpour and snow on the watershed upstream generate white-water floods. These normally swamp the rocks and endanger the nearby park and visitor center. That is why the facility was constructed on top of stilts. In fact, the pillar at the Virginia area marks the level of the 1936 Potomac River Flood.

There were numerous efforts to build canals around the Great Falls. The canal was initiated by George Washington. Afterward, the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal was put up on the Maryland section and eventually connected the Potomac tidewater with Cumberland City. The Chesapeake and Ohio also utilized the Potomac Falls as feeder and source of water supply. It has been abandoned since then.
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Written by Jody Trammel


Somerset Elementary School MontgomerySomerset is a small town of Montgomery County in Maryland next to the Washington D.C. border. It should not be mistaken for Somerset County (Maryland), which is 150 miles away from this locality.

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About Somerset

The beginnings of Somerset go back to 1890, when a group of scientists acquired 50 acres of tobacco farmland from the government to be developed as a residential community. This parcel of land was formerly part of the Friendship Tract, a grant of 3,000 acres to colonists in early Maryland. Somerset was one of the streets named after counties in England. The others are Cumberland, Dorset, Essex, Surrey, and Warwick. The very first resident of Somerset in 1893 was Dr. Charles Crampton, and by 1905, there were already 35 houses in that community. The first Town Council was organized in May 7, 1906, with Dr. Crampton as the first mayor.

According to town officials and local historians, women have been active in the cultural development of Somerset and Montgomery County as a whole. In 1902, women residents of this town formed a Wednesday Club to discuss and recommend solutions primarily on child labor issues, rights of suffrage, the war in Europe, and other current concerns. In 1916, the Wednesday Club was transformed into the Women’s Club of Somerset and ultimately merged with the Montgomery County Federation of Women’s Clubs.

Coping with Problems

Somerset was always hailed as an area of tranquility and refinement. However, it was confronted with problems such as insufficient water drain systems, crude sewage disposal methods, and an absence of local fire protection and schools. These issues urged local citizens to formally request the State of Maryland for incorporation into a township so taxes could be levied for basic services. The State issued Somerset’s charter in 1906, forming the community of Somerset Heights and surrounding areas into a town. Somerset has a mayor-council form of government. It has stood up to challenges and development has been rapid. You can now find tennis and basketball courts, a batting area, and a community swimming pool as well as more residential units.

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