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Village of Drummond

Village of DrummondThe Village of Drummond is situated at one side of Wisconsin Avenue in Chevy Chase, Montgomery County, Maryland. It is a 12-minute walk from the D.C. border and Friendship Heights, and approximately 20 minutes from Bethesda. This, the smallest township in Montgomery, was founded in 1916 and classified as a self-governing, special tax district.

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About Drummond Village

Drummond got its name from a general in the U.S. Army (Richard C. Drum), who moved to this area from Washington D.C. in 1880. The General constructed a 20-room residential structure described as Langdrum, which was unfortunately razed by fire in 1901. He sold lots along Drummond Avenue to construct a smaller home in 1903 between Langdrum and Hunt Avenues.

The village is small, occupying only two-thirds of a single street with 43 residences. Nonetheless, Drummond is among the oldest municipalities in the county. It is governed by a three-man council comprising the mayor, secretary, and treasurer. Drummond is more of an old-world portion of Chevy Chase town and is made up mostly of housing units. The entry within the vicinity of Wisconsin Avenue is highlighted by two unique columns made of stone with light fixtures on top.

Pride of Residents

Locals manifest a high degree of pride for their village. Indeed, it is a very solid neighborhood. Drummond Avenue looks much like a boulevard, even if the street is quite narrow. The pavements are lined with old trees and fodders of green grass that extend from the center to the walkways on both sides. Some homes are ordinary bungalows, while others are majestic Victorian-style abodes.

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OakmontOakmont, Maryland is a very small residential community and special taxing district. Taxes are used for street and lighting maintenance as well as sanitation services. It is made up of only two streets. One is the oak Place and the other is the southern part of Oakmont Avenue.  There are only a few hundred residents in this neighborhood.

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Friendship Heights

Friendship HeightsFriendship Heights is made up of residential areas and commercial facilities surrounding the northwestern part of D.C. and the southern area of Montgomery County. It is a pleasant community with retail shops, high-rise apartment units, and accessible transportation just around the corner. In spite of this development, this neighborhood in D.C. and Maryland is more of a village than a busy market district.

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History of Friendship Heights

The origins of Friendship Heights were unassuming. The name’s terminology originates from the 3,000-acre “Friendship” land grant to colonists in 1713. During the 1800s, a family of Quakers (Shoemakers) from Philadelphia cultivated the roadway of Georgetown and Frederick, which is now Wisconsin Avenue. At the turn of the 20th century, the trolley car trail from Georgetown connected with the southern boundary of Montgomery County, encouraging local businessmen to build homes for travelers. Among the businessmen was the descendant of original settler Samuel Shoemaker—a lawyer for the prohibitionist group called the Anti-Saloon League of Washington D.C. Another founder was Henry Offut, a grocer from Georgetown who eventually became a banker.

Friendship Heights Village, including the Offutt Subdivision, was recognized by the Council of Maryland County in 1914. In the past, village homeowners held a hog slaughter every year. Part of the autumn ritual was to shoot the animals using a .22-caliber rifle, then boil the game before removing its fur.

Commercial Neighborhood

A lot of people go to Friendship Heights for a wholesome shopping experience. If you go up to Wisconsin Avenue, there are many and varied retail outlets. The commercial district is anchored by two large malls. One is the Mazza Gallerie, home to a luxurious specialty department store (Neiman Marcus), an upscale consumer retail enterprise (Williams Sonoma), and an AMC theater. The second mall, the Chevy Chase Pavilion, houses the Embassy Suites Hotel, a J Crew specialty retailer, and a World Market that sells furniture, home accessories, food, and wine. At the south end are fashionable specialty shops that sell Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Christian Dior.

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Airport Shuttle from Bethesda MD
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Bethesda, MD

Airport Shuttle from Bethesda MD

Visiting Bethesda, MD

Bethesda is a quaint city in Maryland, just northwest of Washington, D.C. The quiet suburb experienced a boom of growth in 1984 with the extension of the D.C. metro line. Today, Bethesda’s a bustling city with over 20 art galleries and 200 ethnic restaurants. It’s Forbes’ #1 most educated town and CNN Money’s #1 highest earning town.

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Popular Bethesda Landmarks

One of the city’s most popular landmarks is the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. This is the largest military medical center in the nation and where the President gets his annual physical.

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