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Woman rock climbing at Carederock Park, MarylandThe neighborhood of Carderock in Montgomery County, Maryland is located along the Potomac River in the western portion of Bethesda. The town has become popular for rock climbing at the recreation area, at Carderock Division of the Naval Surface Warfare Center and along portions of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Historical Park. Carderock also has a local elementary school (Carderock Springs), public pool and a professional golf course.

Whether you want to go rock climbing

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Village of Drummond

Village of DrummondThe Village of Drummond is situated at one side of Wisconsin Avenue in Chevy Chase, Montgomery County, Maryland. It is a 12-minute walk from the D.C. border and Friendship Heights, and approximately 20 minutes from Bethesda. This, the smallest township in Montgomery, was founded in 1916 and classified as a self-governing, special tax district.

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About Drummond Village

Drummond got its name from a general in the U.S. Army (Richard C. Drum), who moved to this area from Washington D.C. in 1880. The General constructed a 20-room residential structure described as Langdrum, which was unfortunately razed by fire in 1901. He sold lots along Drummond Avenue to construct a smaller home in 1903 between Langdrum and Hunt Avenues.

The village is small, occupying only two-thirds of a single street with 43 residences. Nonetheless, Drummond is among the oldest municipalities in the county. It is governed by a three-man council comprising the mayor, secretary, and treasurer. Drummond is more of an old-world portion of Chevy Chase town and is made up mostly of housing units. The entry within the vicinity of Wisconsin Avenue is highlighted by two unique columns made of stone with light fixtures on top.

Pride of Residents

Locals manifest a high degree of pride for their village. Indeed, it is a very solid neighborhood. Drummond Avenue looks much like a boulevard, even if the street is quite narrow. The pavements are lined with old trees and fodders of green grass that extend from the center to the walkways on both sides. Some homes are ordinary bungalows, while others are majestic Victorian-style abodes.

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OakmontOakmont, Maryland is a very small residential community and special taxing district. Taxes are used for street and lighting maintenance as well as sanitation services. It is made up of only two streets. One is the oak Place and the other is the southern part of Oakmont Avenue.  There are only a few hundred residents in this neighborhood.

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Chevy Chase

Wood End SanctuaryChevy Chase is a town in Montgomery County, Maryland. It is a primary residential community with a fashionable shopping district called Friendship Heights. It contains several malls, retail shops and fine dining restaurants. The town also houses the National 4-H Center. The National Science Bowl is held in this facility every year either in late April or the early month of May. If you want to discover more about Chevy Chase, simply call Affinity Airport Sedan. You can schedule a pick up from the airport

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Silver Spring

AcornParkSilver Spring is a popular urban hub in Montgomery County, Maryland north of Washington DC. The city center has gone through a major facelift with the opening of more retail shops, fine-dining restaurants and entertainment facilities. Visitors can indulge in outdoor dining and watch outdoor concerts during the summer season. A relaxing way to go around Silver Spring to and from the airport is by availing of the services of Affinity Airport Sedan. Located in Bethesda Maryland, we provide shuttle services in the DC Metro area covering the three major airports. We will be very happy to give you a lift.

Wonderful Attractions

While at Silver Spring, do not fail to visit Acorn Park which is described as the remaining memory of Francis Preston Blair’s “Silver Spring” historic estate.  According to history books, the spring with shiny mica minerals was discovered in 1840. Nearby is a peculiar small park with good-looking frescos and acorn pergola. Meanwhile, Rock Creek Park is one of the most amazing urban recreational areas in DC.  It is the habitat of raccoons, coyotes, deer, and owls along with various tree species. Amusement amenities consist of trails for cycling, hiking and horseback riding; playground for kids and picnic area; tennis stadium; golf course, outdoor venue for concerts; and, planetarium. The 14-acre Jessup Blair Park has two public tennis courts, basketball courts, soccer field, and picnic grounds. It is also a favorite of local residents and visitors. Sligo Creek Trail is a 10-mile path which is also one of the oldest in Montgomery County. It starts at the boundary of Prince George, goes through Montgomery and ends at Wheaton Regional Park. Sligo Creek Park is made up of nine smaller parks with sports facilities and common recreational building.

Silver Spring Today

Silver Spring’s redevelopment, which began at the dawn of the 21st century, was exceptional. Areas adjacent to the City Place Mall were rebuilt completely to make way for the new shopping plaza. It was named “Downtown Silver Spring.” Modern retail shops and restaurants opened in this location. The revival of the city and its 160th year anniversary was marked with the production of a documentary, “Silver Spring: Story of an American Suburb” which came out in 2002. From that period, development continued with the construction of office buildings, condo units, and commercial establishments. The New York Times published an article in 2007 about Silver Spring and highlighted that the urban center experienced a rebirth and emerged as an arts and entertainment seat because of massive investments. Visit Silver Spring and you will definitely enjoy your stay in this city. Call Affinity Airport Sedan to give you a lift.

Airport Shuttle from Bethesda MD
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Reagan National



Union Station

Downtown Bethesda$50$60$80$65
North Bethesda$60$65$80$65

*These prices are valid for parties of up to four. Five or six can be handled for an additional $20.
*Price does not include driver gratuity.

Airport Shuttle from Bethesda MD

Sometimes the hardest part of going out of town can be just getting to the airport. With crowded shuttles and unreliable taxicabs, ground transportation can be a real pain. But it doesn’t have to be. If you’re traveling to or from Bethesda, Maryland, you’re in luck! Affinity Airport Sedan’s professional car service can pick you up and get you where you’re headed on time and hassle free. So the next time you need a ride, don’t fret. Just call Affinity!

Bethesda to and from Reagan National (DCA)

Ronald Reagan Washington National AirportHeaded to Ronald Reagan National Airport? We’re happy to give you a ride! It’s the local favorite because of its close proximity to the city. And you’re sure to be delighted by the recent extensive renovations to the airport’s main terminal. Click here to book a trip to or from Reagan National Airport.

Bethesda to and from Dulles (IAD)

Dulles National AirportAffinity can also give you a ride to or from Dulles International Airport. With extensive international service and a bustling terminal, Dulles is one of our most popular destinations. Dulles’ Airport Access Road eases congestion at the height of rush hour which helps to avoid a significant amount of traffic. Click here to book a trip to or from Dulles.

Bethesda to and from BWI Airport/BWI Rail

Shuttle to BWI AirportAre you flying out of Baltimore Washington International Airport or going to BWI Rail? We’d love to give you a ride to Baltimore. BWI was rated the top airport of its size in 2010, when it also snagged awards for the best airport food and beverage program. If you’re headed that way, just call Affinity. We’ll get you there in plenty of time to enjoy the terminal and grab a bite before your flight.  Click here to book a trip to or from BWI Airport & BWI Rail.

Bethesda to and from Union Station

Union StationWe also make trips into D.C. If you’re traveling by train or bus and are leaving from Union Station, we’re happy to give you a ride into the city. Amtrak, MARC, and VRE rail services depart from Union Station. And several bus services, including Megabus, Bolt Bus, Greyhound, and Washington Deluxe also pick-up at Union Station. Click here to book a trip to or from Union Station.

Around Bethesda

If you call Bethesda home, you can use Affinity for more than just a lift to the airport or train station. We’re also happy to give you rides around town. Whether you’re heading to a meeting or appointment or just want a ride for a fun night on the town, schedule a pick-up with Affinity. We’re happy to get you there!

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Music and more at the Strathmore

Strathmore Music Center And MansionFor music lovers visiting Maryland, the Strathmore is a must see. The Strathmore Music Center and Mansion is a world-class concert hall located in North Bethesda. With over 150 performances a year, chances are you’ll be able to catch a show while you’re in town.

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Airport Shuttle from Bethesda MD
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Bethesda, MD

Airport Shuttle from Bethesda MD

Visiting Bethesda, MD

Bethesda is a quaint city in Maryland, just northwest of Washington, D.C. The quiet suburb experienced a boom of growth in 1984 with the extension of the D.C. metro line. Today, Bethesda’s a bustling city with over 20 art galleries and 200 ethnic restaurants. It’s Forbes’ #1 most educated town and CNN Money’s #1 highest earning town.

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Popular Bethesda Landmarks

One of the city’s most popular landmarks is the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. This is the largest military medical center in the nation and where the President gets his annual physical.

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