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LeDroit Park

LeDroit ParkLeDroit Park is a neighborhood in northwest Washington, D.C. The area became a national historic district in 1974 and has been home to notable residents like Duke Ellington and Jesse Jackson.

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About LeDroit Park

LeDroit Park was founded in 1873 by Amzi Barber, a wealthy businessman, who named the area after his father-in-law. The community was one of D.C.’s first suburbs and was advertised as a romantic neighborhood. It featured narrow, tree-lined roads that were given tree names, as opposed to other streets in the District which were generally named after numbers, letters, or states. And landscaping was a major focus, intended to attract residents. The community was even gated to promote security and an air of separation for residents.

Despite its creation as a segregated area, by the 1940s many elite African Americans also called LeDroit Park home. Today, the neighborhood is extremely diverse, representing a countless number of ethnic groups.

LeDroit Park today

Visitors often marvel over the neighborhood’s Victorian mansions and homes designed by famed architect James McGill. Of his 64 homes built in the area during the mid 1870s, no two were identical. Fifty still remain today.

The neighborhood prides its self on engaging residents and promoting beauty and development. The area is home to the Park at LeDroit, which includes a playground, dog park, and Common Good City Farm, a community garden and agricultural education center. The park is so impressive that Prince Charles of Wales stopped by during his 2011 visit to the States. In addition, the community is enhanced by colorful murals painted on many walls throughout the area.

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Washington National Cathedral

Washington National CathedralFormally the Cathedral Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul in the City and Diocese of Washington, the Washington National Cathedral is an Episcopal cathedral located in Northwest Washington, D.C. It is the second-largest cathedral in the nation and six-largest in the world.

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Dupont Circle

Dupont CircleDupont Circle is a historic district in Northwest Washington, D.C. With plenty to see and do, this cultural center is a popular destination for locals and visitors alike.

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About Dupont Circle

Despite being a part of Washington, D.C.’s  “Old City,” Dupont Circle wasn’t developed extensively until after the American Civil War when a flood of new residents moved into the area. The neighborhood was named after Samuel Francis Du Pont, a rear admiral during the war.

Dupont Circle quickly became an area of prominence with mansions and townhouses lining the streets by the 1880s. The British embassy was even built here in 1872. While there was a period of decline after World War II and the 1968 riots, the 1970s saw a time of resurgence, as the area took on a bohemian air and grew in popularity with the gay and lesbian community.

Dupont Circle today

Today, Dupont Circle is a thriving area, with upscale shops, trendy coffeehouses, restaurants, and bars. In its center is a small park, which contains a central fountain, an abundance of seating, and permanent tabletop chessboards. The park is also a location for many rallies and protests.

The neighborhood is home to several research institutions, including the Brookings Institution, the Center for Global Development, and the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. In addition, the Original Founding Church of Scientology; the Phillips Collection, the country’s first museum of modern art; and the Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America, America’s oldest veteran’s organization, are all located in Dupont Circle.

Annual events include Capital Pride, the nation’s fourth-largest LGBT festival, which is held each June and the High Heel Race, in which drag queens run a three-block race wearing high heels, that takes place each October.

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Shuttle to or from Georgetown DC
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Georgetown, Washington D.C.

Shuttle to or from Georgetown DC

Exploring Georgetown, Washington DC

Georgetown is a historic neighborhood in northwest Washington, D.C. Many visitors enjoy the charm of the neighborhood’s cobblestone streets and 18-centry architecture. Nestled along the Potomac River, the picturesque landscape is sure to delight any traveler. If you need a ride between Georgetown and the airport, please feel free to give us a call. Affinity Airport Sedan Inc. promises a reliable, professional shuttle service in and around the Georgetown area.

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