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LeDroit Park

LeDroit ParkLeDroit Park is a neighborhood in northwest Washington, D.C. The area became a national historic district in 1974 and has been home to notable residents like Duke Ellington and Jesse Jackson.

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About LeDroit Park

LeDroit Park was founded in 1873 by Amzi Barber, a wealthy businessman, who named the area after his father-in-law. The community was one of D.C.’s first suburbs and was advertised as a romantic neighborhood. It featured narrow, tree-lined roads that were given tree names, as opposed to other streets in the District which were generally named after numbers, letters, or states. And landscaping was a major focus, intended to attract residents. The community was even gated to promote security and an air of separation for residents.

Despite its creation as a segregated area, by the 1940s many elite African Americans also called LeDroit Park home. Today, the neighborhood is extremely diverse, representing a countless number of ethnic groups.

LeDroit Park today

Visitors often marvel over the neighborhood’s Victorian mansions and homes designed by famed architect James McGill. Of his 64 homes built in the area during the mid 1870s, no two were identical. Fifty still remain today.

The neighborhood prides its self on engaging residents and promoting beauty and development. The area is home to the Park at LeDroit, which includes a playground, dog park, and Common Good City Farm, a community garden and agricultural education center. The park is so impressive that Prince Charles of Wales stopped by during his 2011 visit to the States. In addition, the community is enhanced by colorful murals painted on many walls throughout the area.

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Written by Jody Trammel

Takoma Park

Exploring Takoma Park

Takoma ParkTakoma Park, Maryland is a lively, culturally rich city northeast of Washington, D.C. This progressive area is nicknamed Azalea City, after a flowering shrub that grows across town, and it’s also a Tree City USA, so it boasts a tree planting and maintenance program that’s sponsored by the Arbor Day Foundation.

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About Takoma Park

Benjamin Franklin Gilbert founded Takoma Park in 1883, and he bought large pieces of land on which many of the city’s original homes were built. Sitting at an altitude of 350 feet, Takoma Park was high enough to bypass the malaria and mosquitoes that tormented the District. The area grew rapidly and was incorporated into a town in 1890. In 1976, much of Victorian old town became a part of the Takoma Park Historic District.

Takoma Park is known for its liberal and “left of liberal” values. The city was the first in the U.S. to approve a voting age of 16 and allows residents who are not American citizens to vote in municipal elections. The area is also a nuclear-free zone.


Takoma Park is home to several cultural events each year, including its folk festival, street festival, jazz fest, independent film festival, and Fourth of July Parade. In addition, a nationally known blues record label, Takoma Records, was founded in the city in the late 1950s.

Today, community revitalization efforts are taking place in the city. The local historic society is overseeing work currently underway to build the Historic Takoma Museum. And the Takoma Theatre Conservatory is working to renovate the currently vacant Takoma Theatre, which will become a multipurpose facility.

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Adventure Park at Sandy Spring Friends School

Explore the Adventure Park at Sandy Spring Friends School

The Adventure Park At Sandy Spring Friends SchoolIf you’re looking for outdoor adventure, you can’t find a better place than the Adventure Park at Sandy Spring Friends School. The park consists of over 150 obstacles that consist of zip lining, climbing, and crossing rope bridges – all in the trees, up to 65 feet in the air.


For Maryland-area visitors

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Exploring Rock Creek Park

 Exploring Rock Creek Park   Rock Creek Park

For Washington-area visitors looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the District, Rock Creek Park can be the perfect escape. Spanning 12 miles from the Potomac River to the Maryland border, Rock Creek Park is the perfect place to enjoy nature while you’re visiting the city.   Looking for the best way to get to Rock Creek Park? Call Affinity Airport Sedan!

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