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Lincoln Park

Lincoln ParkThe neighborhood of Lincoln Park is found in Rockville, Maryland on the eastern side of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Tracks. Many of the residents attend Richard Montgomery High School. Lincoln Park was developed during the latter part of the 1890s. Today, Lincoln Park is considered a mix of low and moderate income families composed of more than 300 households. It has the character of a small town and this heritage symbolizes an essential component

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Written by Jody Trammel


Meadow Hall Elementary SchoolTwinbrook is a large residential community in Rockville, Maryland. The name was given by the four developers who built the subdivision in 1946. It refers to the two brooks that crossed the 200-acre property before flowing to Rock Creek Park.

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City of Rockville

Rockville Time SquareRockville has been described as one of the small but vibrant cities in the United States. It is business-friendly and home to several prominent bio-med and technology corporations as well as federal agencies. Rockville is the county seat located at the central part of Montgomery County and is the third biggest incorporated city in Maryland next to Baltimore and Frederick.

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North Potomac

Potomac Horse CenterIn 2009, CNN Money named North Potomac in Montgomery County as one of the wealthiest communities in the United States.  The world’s biggest business website described North Potomac as a “tony or rich town” nestled on the edge of the Potomac River. There are charming old estates, upscale golf courses and several riding clubs for the affluent residents. This town was also ranked by Forbes as the most affluent neighborhood in the country in 2008.

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Shuttle from Rockville MD
Written by Jody Trammel

Exploring Rockville

Shuttle from Rockville MDRockville, Maryland is a vibrant, thriving city about 12 miles northwest of Washington, D.C. Being so close to the nation’s capital, Rockville is home to major corporate headquarters as well as bio-med and tech companies. But, the city is far away enough from the hustle and bustle of Washington to have a hometown feel that keeps many visitors coming back.

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Rockville’s Roots

Rockville is located on a plateau region and is crossed by three different creeks – Rock Creek, Cabin John Creek, and Watts Branch. These factors made it an ideal resting place for nomadic Native Americans over ten thousand years ago and a home to agricultural communities through the 1600s. This developing region received its first land patents in 1717 and officially became the city of Rockville in 1803. It was incorporated by Maryland in 1860.

When visiting the city today, make sure to stop by the corner of Vinson Street and Maryland Avenue. A stone marker placed at that corner in 1803 is inscribed with letters “BR” signifying the “Beginning of Rockville.”

Rockville Today

Today, Rockville is Maryland’s third-largest city and the seat of government for Montgomery County. It’s also at the center of the Interstate 270 Technology Corridor, home to several software and biotech companies and federal government buildings.

But Rockville’s not all business. The city offers several upscale shopping options and even opened a new town square in 2007. The Rockville Town Center is a pedestrian-friendly area complete with stores, restaurants, condos, and the Rockville Library. This is the perfect meeting place and home to public events like farmers markets, concerts, and town festivals.

Whether you’re in town to work or play, you’re sure to enjoy Rockville. And for your transportation needs – whether you are looking for a ride to an important meeting or from a successful shopping trip – you can always rely on Affinity Airport Sedan.